03 – Setting up your Email app and email address to work with BandMgrX

BandMgrX works in conjunction with your device’s default email app to send emails. On a Mac it uses OSX Mail, on an iPhone or iPad it uses Mail. On Windows BandMgrX uses Outlook. We need to be sure your email apps are configured properly so they work the way you want them to with BandMgrX. YOU MUST USE an email app to send emails out of BandMgrX, you can’t use a browser. You can use a Gmail *account* (that’s what we use) or another online mail account like Yahoo or Hotmail… but it has to be configured for use in one of the email apps listed above.

This is only true for SENDING emails from BandMgrX (which is one of its most powerful features). If you don’t want to send emails from BandMgrX than you don’t have to configure a Mail app. But if you do want to send emails from BandMgrX you’ll need to set up a Mail app to send those emails.

As we mentioned above, Sugar Still uses a single Gmail email address for all of our band correspondence. We like doing it this way because even if we’re in separate cities for awhile we both still get notified on our phones when any emails come in, and we can both send out any band emails (like booking requests and gig confirmations) because we both have access to the account. We can also see the email threads for any correspondence on gig negotiations and so forth.

One thing to look out for… If you have multiple email accounts (for example both Sarah and I have personal accounts as well as the Sugar Still account), you need to be careful when sending out band related emails from BandMgrX. Make sure you’ve selected the proper email account before sending. It’s pretty easy to miss this and mistakenly send band correspondence from your personal account, and this can be confusing to both the venues and your band mates, as the emails you send won’t get put into the band account’s sent mail or outbox folders, which makes it harder to keep track of gig negotiations.