08 – Using the Email tab to quickly send a personalized email to a venue or media outlet

For Sugar Still, we’ve found that nothing is currently more effective for booking shows than sending emails. This may change. But right now this is still the single most effective way to book shows. Yes, we do book shows from phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, don’t get us wrong. But the overwhelming majority of our shows are booked through email. And that’s why we built the Email tab and the integrated FormLetters to make this email booking process as fast and efficient as we possibly could.

We already discussed how to set up FormLetters on another page, and from our perspective FormLetters are key. Sending the email itself could hardly be simpler, we click the SEND EMAIL button and away it goes. However, there’s one choice we gave ourselves here that has helped us a lot. When we click the SEND EMAIL button, a dialog box pops up asking us if we want to edit the email or just send it. If the FormLetter is good enough, we can just send it and move on. However, we may have a personal note we want to add or modify if we recognize a name or have something in common (like a love of whiskey for example, or mutual friends that might help us land the gig).

After the email is sent, a line of text is added automatically to the top of the Notes field that simply reads “Emailed 5/17/2017” for example. It inserts the current date for us automatically. This top line of the notes shows up in the Contact List view, so this is super helpful when we’re sending out emails for a follow up tour 6 months later, or sending out a 2nd wave of emails to venues on our tour route and want to be sure we’re not doubling up on emails too quickly.

Here’s a 3 minute tutorial video showing how we use the Email tab.