10 – Using the SuperBrowser to “tag” venues and nearby media outlets with social media photos, videos, and sound files to promote upcoming events

We discussed the SuperBrowser on another page, but we wanted to go into a little more detail about how we use the SuperBrowser to promote upcoming shows as they get closer and closer. We do this primarily by posting links to YouTube videos, Instagram photos, and Soundcloud songs, or by tagging the venues in posts that we do on any given promotion. Since we have the Facebook pages entered for each of the venues we play, it’s pretty easy to just click through the venues, view their facebook page, and paste a link into a status. We also use this for nearby media outlets, and have some really good success getting interviews and articles with small town newspapers.

To be honest, we feel like we’re only beginning to use this tool the way we want to, so we’d actually love to hear how you wind up using BandMgrX to help promote your shows. Every social media site has its strengths, we’re interested in hearing your stories on what works for you.

Here’s a two-minute tutorial on how we’ve used it an how we use the MAX RADIUS search to find nearby media outlets to help promote a show we’ve booked at a specific venue.