11- Using the SuperBrowser to access Google Mail, Google Calendar, Google Voice, Facebook Events, and other websites you may use on a regular basis

We use the SuperBrowser to access the Sugar Still Google Calendar, Google Mail,and Google Voice. We also use it to enter Facebook Events for gigs we have booked at venues. We added a drop-down list just above the browser window to make it easy to switch between these sites quickly. You can modify this drop-down list to access other sites if you want, we use Google for everything it seems like, but not everyone does. So if you want to change this drop-down list, click on it, scroll to the bottom of the list, and choose “Edit…”

A text window should appear, you can edit it however you like. If you enter a line with only a hyphen, a separator line will appear between values when you use the drop-down list later.

Here’s a 30 second tutorial video showing you exactly how to edit the SuperBrowser drop-down list:

(insert tutorial video here)