12 – Using the “Copy Gig List to Clipboard” button to copy your upcoming tour gigs into a list you can paste into a Facebook status, or onto your website

We post a lot on social media, we create Facebook Events, anything we can do to help spread the word. One thing that seems to get more response than most is when we post a whole list of our upcoming gigs. Yes, we have a gig calendar on our website, we use BandsInTown, and that’s helpful to a lot of our fans and for the venues themselves, but we sure get a lot of response from just posting our upcoming gig list into a Facebook status, especially if it’s attached to a photo.

For this reason we made a little utility that copies all our upcoming gigs into a list, sorted by date and time. We paste that into a Facebook status, attach a photo, add a witty aside, and voila. You can find it on the Gigs detail screen. Here’s a 3 minute tutorial video to show you how we use it, and how booking agents or festivals could use it too.