13 – Using the “Gig” detail screen to track more detailed logistics, income, and expenses

As we discussed on another page, BandMgrX helps us track our booked gigs. We enter the gig on the Contacts “Extras” tab screen. This means we need to go to the venue’s contact record, click on the “Extras” tab, and then enter the date, time, status, $$, and notes there first. Once we’ve entered the gig on that screen, we can click the circle-arrow button to the left of the gig and navigate to the Gig Detail screen where we can enter To Do items and financial info about the gig like how many CDs, shirts, stickers, and posters we sold and how much we made in the tip jar.

Any $$ figures we enter get totaled at the bottom. Any To Do, Call, Send Out, or Notes get added to our To Do List until they’re checked as done. We can enter as many items as we want, and they can be about anything we want. Want to remember the sound person’s name and phone? Jot it in here. Meet someone at the gig? Did the venue reserve a motel for you? Tracking tickets sales? Whatever you want to keep track of can go in here.

If you want to modify the drop-down lists you can, just click on the list, scroll to the bottom of the list itself, and click “Edit…” to get a dialog box you can edit however you wish. Inserting a line with just a hyphen will create a separator line between values when you go back to use the list later.

Here’s a 2 minute video tutorial showing how we use the Gigs detail screen.