14 – Using the “Notes” list as a To Do List for calls, emails, and sending contracts or posters

As we mentioned on the page about the “Extras” tab, we use this Notes screen as a To Do List tool. Are you a To Do List person? We’re totally To Do List people. Not everyone is though, and that’s totally cool. But if you do like using To Do Lists to help you remember to send out the posters, mail the contracts, follow-up with the booker, create a Facebook event for the gig, your name it, this page is for you.

The idea here is you can set To Do items for a FUTURE date, then they appear in your To Do list on that date, but not before. They will then continue to show up in your To Do list until they’re marked as DONE. Once they’re done they’re automatically archived forever or until you delete them. We break To Do lists into three types: TO DO, CALL, and SEND OUT.

We like to break up our day and focus on specific tasks when the time is right. For example, we like sending posters (SEND OUTS) in the afternoon usually, it’s kind of a mindless task, so we can give ourselves a break from booking and sit down with a sharpie to write dates and times on posters and stuff them into envelopes. We find out what posters need to be sent out by calling up the “Send Out” list.

Honestly, we don’t use this a ton, but there are some bookers who ask that us to call them to talk over scheduling. We also call reporters for newspaper interviews. Sometimes we put in a reminder to call a musician friend, a venue, or a booking agent we haven’t spoken to in awhile.

This is the big one, we enter anything and everything in here. We might link them to a venue or a gig and we might not. First thing in the morning we take a look at our To Do list and we might work it on and off all day. It’s just our way of getting shit done. Like we said before, not everyone is a To Do List person, but we are. If you like them too, cool! If not, no worries, you don’t have to use them here in BandMgrX, it’s just a thing we made because it helped us. All good.

her’s a 30 second video tutorial on how we use the Dated Notes screen as a To Do list tool.

(insert tutorial video here)