16 – In case of emergency, recovering from crashes, re-installing, etc.

Things happen. Computers crash. Databases get corrupted. Not all the time, but they do happen sometimes. For those times we have contingency plan in place to help us deal with it. basically, everything comes down to backing up this one file (BandMgr.fmp12) in multiple locations and keeping those backups as current as possible. If something breaks down, we can go back to a recent backup. We have a number of ways that we back things up.

We use Dropbox as our primary way of backing up and sharing the database between band members. We made a shared folder on Dropbox, put the BandMgr.fmp12 file into that folder with our one-sheet bios that we send to venues, and Dropbox does the rest. In the morning, before we start using BandMgr we make a compressed archive of the BandMgr.fmp12 file and put that compressed archive in an Archives folder inside the Dropbox folder. In most instances, this has been enough of a backup for us. If the file crashes we evaluate it case-by-case on whether we can revert to a backup, or whether we want to attempt further data recovery.

But sometimes computers crash. It happens. In almost all instances, if your computer crashes while BandMgr is running, you can usually just restart you computer and start BandMgr up again, it usually recovers on its own.

This is the worst case scenario really. Your device simply won’t open BandMgr anymore. Maybe you get a message saying why, maybe you don’t. Don’t panic. Make sure you have a backup of your BandMgr.fmp12 file, backed up to multiple locations, and then we can take steps to recover the file and/or reinstall BandMgr from scratch and transfer your data to a clean, un-crashed original version.

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